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Thank y'all for stopping by to check out our used Jeeps for sale. We started out specializing in high quality, clean, used Jeep CJ's for sale, but have expanded our line to include used Scramblers, Wranglers, Military Jeeps and other 4x4's. Located in Alabama, just south of the Tennessee line, the mild winters that we enjoy help to ensure that our used jeeps and 4x4's are virtually rust free.

Jeep CJ

The Jeep started out as a Military vehicle. In 1944 Willys introduced the CJ or Civilian Jeep. It was obviously a hit . . . Read more and see our Jeep CJ's For Sale.

Jeep YJ

The Jeep YJ replaced the CJ in 1987. The YJ was a new, wider design built closer to the ground and more comfortable. The suspension was a leaf spring design similar to the CJ . . . Read more and see our Jeep YJ's For Sale.

Jeep TJ

The Jeep TJ succeeded the YJ in the 1997 model year. The TJ features a coil-spring suspension, a design carried over from the Jeep Grand Cherokee which gives the TJ a better ride and better handling . . . Read more and see our Jeep TJ's For Sale.


117K Miles, 6-Cyl Engine, 5-Speed

1987  JEEP  YJ

155K Miles, 6-Cyl Engine, 5-Speed


62K Miles, 6-Cyl Engine, 5-Speed

1979  JEEP  CJ 5

90K Miles, 6-Cyl Engine, 3-Speed

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2005  Jeep  WRANGLER X

64K Miles, 6-Cyl Engine, 6-Speed


28K Miles, 6-Cyl Engine, Automatic


75K Miles, 6-Cyl Engine, 5-Speed

2004  JEEP  WRG X

40K Miles, 6-Cyl Engine, Automatic

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